Oldham Cats is a UK registered charity dedicated to rescuing and re-homing stray, abandoned and unwanted cats & kittens. We have been helping cats in and around the Oldham, Rochdale & Middleton areas of Greater Manchester, England since 1995 and gained our charity registration in October of the following year. Since 1998 we have been based at our rescue in Middleton.

Our registered charity number is 1058621 and our patron is the keyboarding legend Rick Wakeman.


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We really need Your Help!

We find homes for hundreds of homeless and abandoned cats and kittens every year, and we need your help to continue to do so.  Making a donation no matter how small will help provide much-needed funds towards food, medicines and veterinary care.  Click Here to go to our donation page. It tells you about all the ways you can support us or donate via PayPal by clicking the orange ‘Donate’ button below.

We are a non-profit, totally volunteer run organisation and rely entirely on the support of our loyal volunteers, fundraisers and supporters. We often get asked why we put so much work into rescuing and looking after cats and the only answer is… Because We Care. Our dedicated team work 7 days a week, 365 days a year ensuring the cats and kittens in our care are getting the best possible attention.

Please take time to read about our work on this website and feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. Don’t forget to check out the new Oldham Cats Blog for up to the minute information on our cats for adoption, success stories, fundraising activities, and news and updates straight from the cattery.

Looking for a cat or kitten to adopt?

See our Adoption page for adult cats that we currently have available for adoption. Please note, the cats and kittens in our rescue can change daily and although we try to keep this site as up-to-date as possible, we cannot guarantee a cat you see here on the website will still be available – please contact us for up-to-date information. Also, don’t forget to see our How to Adopt page for details on our adoption policy.

We don’t usually advertise the kittens we have available for adoption so the best thing to do if you’re looking to adopt a kitten is to come along to the rescue during our opening hours and see who we have.  It’s best to telephone us in advance of your visit to find out what kittens we currently have ready for adoption.  Please note, kittens cannot be reserved for collection at a later date.   Adult cats can be reserved.

About Us

Oldham Cats was founded in 1995 by the joining of two cat rescue groups in the Oldham area.  We became a registered charity on 11th October 1996 (no: 1058621).  At this time we were operating from the home of one of our volunteers, but this was not ideal for either us or the cats so we began to search for suitable premises.

In February 1997 the RSPCA in Oldham had closed down due to lack of funds so we rented the cattery from them. In August 1998 the RSPCA had raised enough money to move back in, so we started once more to search for suitable premises.

A supporter of Oldham Cats knew of a building that had been a boarding cattery until the owner had died, so we contacted the landlord and were allowed to rent the building for our rescue. Work began on our new building; tidying, painting, wiring, plumbing and much more needed to be done. Oldham Cats moved to Middleton on August Bank Holiday weekend 1998.

Our new cattery is ideal and, even though we pay a nominal rent, we have been allowed to overflow into most of our kind landlord’s garden. Since moving in we have adapted the room next to the cattery into a kitten room, added three outside catteries, all with heated rooms,  and large outside runs where groups of cats can live happily.

Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, Oldham Cats goes from strength to strength, and we’re able to help more cats every year.



How to Adopt

Oldham Cats almost always has plenty of cats who desperately need homes.  We take in every cat we have room for,  so usually have a variety of ages, colours and sexes.

Please note, we cannot reserve a cat you have seen directly from the site.  Please call us in 0161 653 6530 to arrange a visit to meet or enquire for further details about the cat.


Adult Cats Most of the cats in our cattery are “teenage” (6 months – 1 year) or adult (1 year and above).

Some have been given to us simply because their owners can no longer cope, or have died.  Others have been left with us because of allergies, or because they are no longer convenient, or the owner is moving house and cannot take their cat with them.

We also get some that have just been abandoned, unwanted and unloved.  Then there are the lost cats; the ones that have strayed too far and never made it home.  Whatever the circumstance, all are loving creatures desperate for a new chance of life; desperate for a caring, loving home.


Kittens are more common during the late spring and summer months (known as “kitten season” ) but even then we do not always have kittens available as they are usually in demand.  If you are looking for a kitten please phone us on 0161 653 6530 before visiting the cattery to make sure we have kittens available.

The Adoption Fee

Adult Cats

All adult cats are neutered but have had at least their first vaccination, the adoption fee is £100 (as of 1st January 2022).

 Adopting Two Cats

Depending very much on circumstance, we may be able to accommodate a fee for the adoption of two cats together.  However this will be strictly down to the discretion of Oldham Cats, as we need to ensure all neutering and veterinary fees are covered.


The adoption fee for un-neutered kittens under 6 months old is £120 (as of 1st June 2022).  We have a proviso in that the cat is neutered/spayed from approx 5 months of age. Oldham Cats will make a booking on the adopter’s behalf at Crown House Vets in Rochdale.

Of course we will always welcome any donation no matter how large or small in addition to the adoption fee!

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You are always very welcome to contact us if you have any questions or if you require any further information about what we do.  If you are interested in our adoption policy, please read the How To Adopt section on the About pages. If you have enquires about specific cats or kittens available for adoption, or if you wish to know if we have room to take in unwanted cats, please telephone us on 01616536530 as we can answer queries via phone much faster than via email.

Opening Hours

Oldham Cats is open to visitors 6 days a week, from 11am until 3pm.
We are closed to the public on Tuesdays.

Our Location

Oldham Cats
Toynton Villa Cattery
Saxon Street
Greater Manchester
M24 2AD


0161 653 6530





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As a non-profit, totally volunteer run charity, we rely entirely on the generosity of  donors and fund raising efforts to allow us to continue providing a safe place for the cats and kittens in our care.  Our dedicated team of volunteers provide care and support for our cats and kittens 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so your donations are vital to us in order to keep the rescue open.  There are loads of ways in which you can support us.  Here are some of them.


Give us a call or pop in during opening times and pick up a membership form or print out the form lower down this page. Once you pay the annual membership fee you will receive our periodical newsletter (3-4 times a year) for a year.  Yearly membership fees are as follows:

  • Single membership is £3.00
  • Family membership is £5.00
  • Concessionary membership is £1.50
  • Additional donations on top of the membership fee are always welcome!

And don’t forget to renew your membership each year to continue supporting us and receiving our newsletter.  Thankyou xx


At Oldham Cats, we NEVER put a healthy cat to sleep, so any cat for whom we can’t find a home will become a permanent resident. There are always hungry mouths to feed at Oldham Cats! Your support will help keep our residents happy and healthy. If you choose to help us via sponsorship you can either sponsor a cage (where cats and kittens await adoption) or one of our permanent resident cats.  Check out the residents who are looking for Sponsorship in our Sponsorship Category.  As a valued sponsor you will receive a written update about your resident twice a year (summer and Christmas), complete with photo.  You are also welcome to visit the rescue during opening times. Here are our membership and sponsorship forms which you can print out.  Alternatively, forms are available from the office at the rescue.

  Membership & Sponsorship Forms

If you would like to set up a Standing Order donation to Oldham Cats,  here is the form to download and print out:   Download Standing Order Form (PDF)

Make a PayPal donation

You can make a PayPal donation to Oldham Cats Rescue by clicking the Donate button below:

Mail a Donation

Our  postal address is located on the Contact Us page.


Please remember that you can donate good quality items, by bringing them directly to the rescue during opening hours.

Fundraising Events

We have two main fundraising events each year.  Our Summer Fair is held at the rescue and our Winter Fair at a community centre.  Dates and details are posted on this website under News.  We also sometimes run tombolas and other fundraising activities at other venues or events.  We’re always grateful for any donated goods – tombola prizes, second hand goods, handmade things, etc – everything is gratefully received.   We accept things at the rescue during opening times.  And please, come along to our summer and winter fairs, there’s loads of lovely stuff to buy and always a great atmosphere.

Our Policies

Oldham Cats exists to rescue, neuter and rehome unwanted cats and kittens.  We take in every animal we have room for and so we’re pretty much always full.  By neutering every animal before rehoming we hope to try and reduce the number of unwanted pets, but there are always more than we can find room for.  We operate a no-kill policy:  animals stay in our care until we find them a home.  We will never have a healthy animal put to sleep.  The only occasions when we will have cats put to sleep are if they are ill and suffering with no chance of recovery.

If we have cats in our care for a long time they will probably become residents.  Our cattery cages are spacious but if a cat had to stay in one for a very long time then he or she would be likely to become depressed so we let them out to be resident cats. These cats have the freedom to go outside and play in the fields and gardens around the cattery,  we are far from roads and other houses so they are totally safe and happy.  The main cattery and our office are filled with cat beds, toys and food bowls so the residents have plenty of places to snooze and never want for human company!  Most of these cats will find homes relatively soon, many who appeared shy in cages will come out of their shells when they’re allowed some freedom.  Those who cannot be homed will stay with us forever.  Usually these are cats with long term health or behavioural problems or very old cats.  More details about them can be found in the Sponsorship section of the website.

Everyone at Oldham Cats knows that the happiness and care of our animals is our top priority. All our staff are volunteers who give up their valuable time to enable us to do what we do. There are volunteers caring for the cats every single day of the year, we don’t get Christmas holidays, the animals still need caring for! Seeing cats we have rescued go to loving new homes, perhaps after them being mistreated or requiring veterinary treatment and care, makes it all worthwhile.

We get no government money to help us with our work, we rely entirely on donations from kind members of the public and every single penny goes straight to the animals. Membership and sponsorship forms can be downloaded from this site.