Our Policies

Oldham Cats exists to rescue, neuter and rehome unwanted cats and kittens.  We take in every animal we have room for and so we’re pretty much always full.  By neutering every animal before rehoming we hope to try and reduce the number of unwanted pets, but there are always more than we can find room for.  We operate a no-kill policy:  animals stay in our care until we find them a home.  We will never have a healthy animal put to sleep.  The only occasions when we will have cats put to sleep are if they are ill and suffering with no chance of recovery.


If we have cats in our care for a long time they will probably become residents.  Our cattery cages are spacious but if a cat had to stay in one for a very long time then he or she would be likely to become depressed so we let them out to be resident cats. These cats have the freedom to go outside and play in the fields and gardens around the cattery,  we are far from roads and other houses so they are totally safe and happy.  The main cattery and our office are filled with cat beds, toys and food bowls so the residents have plenty of places to snooze and never want for human company!  Most of these cats will find homes relatively soon, many who appeared shy in cages will come out of their shells when they’re allowed some freedom.  Those who cannot be homed will stay with us forever.  Usually these are cats with long term health or behavioural problems or very old cats.  More details about them can be found in the Sponsorship section of the website.


Everyone at Oldham Cats knows that the happiness and care of our animals is our top priority. All our staff are volunteers who give up their valuable time to enable us to do what we do. There are volunteers caring for the cats every single day of the year, we don’t get Christmas holidays, the animals still need caring for! Seeing cats we have rescued go to loving new homes, perhaps after them being mistreated or requiring veterinary treatment and care, makes it all worthwhile.


We get no government money to help us with our work, we rely entirely on donations from kind members of the public and every single penny goes straight to the animals. Membership and sponsorship forms can be downloaded from this site.

A UK Registered Charity for Cats