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Please take a moment to read about our 3-year-old Ragdoll Charlie. He has been with us for a considerable number of weeks after his owners said they couldn’t give the time to care for him. He was extremely knotted and volunteers has to shave most of the trunk of his body of its knots. He wasn’t too keen to say the least and we felt we had to do this to give him a chance of showing his true beauty. That’s the easy part to this story. The sad part is that after weeks of medication for loose stools and special diets, Charlie has tested positive for the Coronavirus. This entailed stool samples being analysed via Crown House Vets. The Coronavirus is transmitted through an oral/fecal route and therefore cats that are shedding the virus must be homed to a one cat home. The hygiene of a cats feeding area, bedding and litter tray has to be at an optimum at all times to reduce the risk of the virus re-entering the cat and therefore becoming a vicious circle. A good percentage of cats that are either in a multi cat home or come through a rescue may well ‘carriers’ but not ‘shedding’ the virus at that point and usually it is when the cats demeanour changes and toilet habits that you would normally look for veterinary help. That is sadly where our story took us (although his previous owners had said he just had a sensitive stomach).

We are looking for a home that is peaceful and fairly routine on a daily basis. At present Charlie is in our isolation unit which is not ideal for a carrier of the virus. If Charlie is put into stressful situations there could be a strong chance that the virus mutates to F.I.P. (Feline Infectious Peritonitis). Sadly there is no cure for this disease and it can sometimes be fatal. We hope for Charlie’s sake that he never gets to this stage. I would welcome any enquiries to the chance of homing Charlie and to discuss issues around diet and medication requirements etc. Only enquire if you have NO OTHER PETS. Thank you, Faye