Tianna arrived at our rescue  on 27th August 2013 after her owner told us that she was being evicted in a few days time. We didn’t put Tianna on the site as her owner then called back to say that a relative was going to have Tianna.  We waited but the relative never arrived by the allocated time. Therefore it is only now we have put her on here to try and find a suitable second chance home for her. She is 4 years old and already neutered. She’s quite a placid girl but can sometimes be a bit flighty!  We recommend any home setting except very young children. For any further information please pop in during our opening times or call us on 0161 653 6530.



Awwww. Poor Tia. She had a reserve to be collected last weekend and then was let down.
! Another done of our Mums from Aunty Davina’s fostering abode. Tia has got a rather loud purrrr. You might want to come down and see for yourself. She is about 7 months old and has been an exceptionally well behaved cat in foster and at the rescue. We cannot be sure what she is like with other animals but sure has the purr factor with the humans….call us on 0161-653-6530 for further information. Thank you, Faye.



Please welcome Salem. He is a neutered 5-6 year old charming boy. His owners were moving into a flat and couldn’t take him there. He loves being outside in the day and indoors for bedtime,. He loves children and all other animals. Can you offer him the good life…..call us at the rescue if you can help give him his ever loving home on 0161-653-6530. Thank you, Faye.

Formerly called Lilith now LUCKY.


Could this second visit back to the rescue be her final trip? Lucky is one of our mums from this year and is now 12-14 months old. She was adopted out but the hours her owners were working were getting too long and they thought it unfair on lucky. lucky has been around other cats and is good with children and grown ups. Very friendly and affectionate…she just needs someone to love and care for her. Please call us at the rescue for more information or call us on 0161 653 6530. Thank you, Faye.

Punch and Judy


This duo of strays were brought in on Thursday 4th July. Found all boxed up under someone’s camper home. We named them…..if only cats could speak! They are slightly nervous but just need handling in the correct way enough to bring them out of their fur! They are approaching 5months of age so not neutered as yet. If you could offer them a home where they can blossom then please call in to the rescue or ring us on 0161 653 6530. Thank you, Faye.

BELLA – a sad goodbye to one of our lovely residents.


Sadly, on Friday 23rd August 2013, one of our nighttime volunteers discovered that Bella had died.  It looks like she had taken her final steps down the lane and was found by our volunteer as she was driving out at the end of “bedding down” service. We are unsure of exactly what had happened but Bella will be laid to rest and a memorial disk will be placed for her in our Garden of Remembrance located within the rescue grounds. R.I.P. our gentle feline. xxxxx Your wounds will heal at Rainbow Bridge. xxxxxxx From all your friends. xxxxxx

Bella was one of our  older ladies who arrived week commencing 1st July 2013. She had been fed as a stray ….another one.  Unfortunately she had no I.D. chip so her owners could not be located. She was such a gentle girl who enjoyed being stroked and fussed over.  She wasn’t with us long but we will never forget her.



Could not resist using this photo….even if a little blurred!
Socks arrived on Wednesday 3rd July. He is a 2-3 year old gentle boy who a lady had been feeding as a stray. He is just a lovely lad who, looking at the photo likes to limber up! Call in to see him or ring us 0161 653 6530 for any further information. Thank you Faye



Ginger is another arrival for 30th June. He was brought in from Boarshaw as his owner has been evicted and left the cats behind. A neighbour has fed him for several months but cannot do it any longer. He is a year old and is going for neutering on Tuesday 2nd July along with his 1st vaccination. A little quiet at the moment, I am sure after he is used to the surroundings for a few days he will settle in to the rescue world.

Mork and Mindy


This 4 month old Brother and Sister arrived on 30th June after their owner became pregnant. They kept one from the litter but these two beauties were not found a home. They would love a home together and will be booked for neutering when they reach 6 months of age. Awwwww they we’re born on Mother’s Day. Call our rescue on 0161 653 630. Thank you Faye.



Not usual for us to put kittens on this page but as this is becoming a difficult year for rehoming I thought I would take advantage of the situation! Queenie, as we have called her arrived at the rescue on 22nd June. She is around 5 months old and could be homed before she is neutered. She is just a little too small for this procedure at the minute. She was brought in as a stray after the lady made her a shelter in the garden but her Daughter became allergic to her. For further information, please call the rescue on 0161 653 6530. Thank you, Faye.

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